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The WAX Group consists of members of the Barrie Amateur Radio Club who enjoy building projects for our ham radio hobby from kits or individual parts, instead of just buying ready made.  We have fun soldering, and don't mind occasionally "letting the smoke out" of what we build. We also promote learning and using CW and getting out of your house to a park or other location to operate (whether it be QRP or higher power, CW or SSB). In addition to using the WAX Group VE3WEX call sign, we also use the VE3GCB Barrie Ham Club call.


Some Reading

The original "DIY Maker" generation was ham radio

Why is Ham Radio?

100 things to do in ham radio

Ethics and Operational Procedures for the Radio Amateur

The New DX'ers Handbook - K7UA

RDFing version 3

Soldering is easy - here's how to do it (comic book)

G4FON Koch morse code trainer software

The Art of Radiotelegraphy - how to learn CW

A beginner's guide to making CW contacts

DX Code of Conduct

How to work a DXpedition

Contester's Code of Ethics

"QRP List" - an excellent source of knowledge on many aspects of ham radio

5 watts CW works as well as 100 watts SSB ??

QRP works, 1000W vs 1W

Entire (1993-2003) Norcal QRPp Journals in one 2563 page PDF. Warning: 334 MB

Hot Iron - The Journal of the Constructors Club (1993 - 2006, Issue 1 - 52) 31MB

The Young Wireless Operator as a Fire Patrol - a 1921 ham radio adventure story

Ham Radio in the 21st Century

A Guide for New Amateurs

DBm-Volts-Watts and VSWR-Return Loss convert

2013 DXCC Countries List

The New DXers Handbook - 2nd edition 2015 - K7UA

Notations, Symbols and Abreviations

Hints and Tips on fixing many different things

High Frequency Measurements - EMC & ESD

RAC Canadian 0 to 30 MHz Band Plan - 2015

Industry Canada authorized frequency usage - RBR4

Power, Grounding, Bonding and Audio for the Radio Amateur - by K9YC


Some Projects to Build

The 6m Moxon Antenna (5.5 - 6 dBi gain, 25 dB F/B ratio)

Building the Moxon antenna

5 element Yagi for 144 MHz

Stealth apartment antenna for 20m and 40m

Spiral dipole antenna for HF

Slingshot Antenna Launcher

AlvinLoop PortaHam MagLoop (15m - 40m)

The QRP Rig 12V Battery Power Supply

6m to 40m Endfed antenna

Optimal wire lengths for an endfed 9:1 unun antenna

EZ-tune noise bridge

Wee Willy 75m DSB xcvr

3A voltage converter to power QRP rigs from 6V to 30VDC

Installing Broadband-Hamnet v3.1.0 firmware on a Rogers WRT54G-RG or T-Mobile WRT54G-TM router

TRX file to upgrade an existing Broadband-Hamnet Linksys node to version 3.0.1

vtun Tunnel Install Instructions on bbhn-3.1.0 Node

How to Enable DTDLink on a Linksys BBHN 3.1.0  Node

Add node count to neighbor list on WRT54G

Recover Username / Password from a WRT54G

Bug workaround for Linksys firewall rule problem

Add a GPS to a Linksys WRT54G node

Make a cheap Arduino Uno clone - The Shrimp

80m 160m inverted L with folded 33' x 33' counterpoise



Wireless Amateur Experimenter Group




Solar Activity Monitor

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

F2 propagation change from the 60 day average
The last 8 hours of history are shown

HF Band Conditions (continental US)


Azimuthal Map centered on Barrie, ON (11" x 17" PDF)


Callsign look-up web services:

Industry Canada Amateur Radio Services


Other services:

DXSummit - DX Spots

DX Watch - DX spots


Announced DX Operations

DXcoffee - DX items of interest

DXworld - news for DXers - Electronic QSL card center

RAC Incoming QSL Bureau - do I have cards?

ARRL LoTW (Logbook of the World)

8-day contest calendar - fun on HF

Useful Links:

QTH Grid square locator - APRS tracking on Google Maps

WebSDR - SDR receivers on the internet

Propagation prediction - where your signal may be heard

DXmaps - QSO realtime maps

WNYSORC - Western NY & Southern Ontario repeaters

RAC - Radio Amateurs of Canada

ARRL - U.S. national association

Canadian Island Activators

Amateur Radio Newsline

Barrie Amateur Radio Club

BARC Administrator Login


Club Event and Activities Calendar


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